Silhouette UK DIY Luggage Tag with FREE FILE

I decided to make this as a little gift for my dad as hes retired now and always off galavanting on holiday. I find men harder to make for, but with the Silhouette Ive not been stuck for options. At Christmas, I made etched glasses and custom designed t-shirts and there are some cool new products coming soon such as the doming kit which I plan to make use to make keyrings with using photos of beloved motorbikes and classic cars!

Not just for men though, I decided to make some of these tags for myself.

The free Silhouette compatible cut file

Optional: clear vinyl, sketch pen, press stud fastener

STEP ONE: Download and Select Design

DownloadThe free Silhouette compatible cut fileand open the file from within Silhouette Studio. Select if you are making the tags with press stud or the ties only design.

STEP TWO: Customise and Cut TagAdd your surname or initals to the middle section in Times New Roman font or select another font or shape of your choice. I didnt want to lose the inside circle within the R, so converted it to a stencil using the technique described in mystencil tutorial.

I cut using the standard settings for faux leather paper, but I always recommend a test cut if youve not used this material before. Once cut, wash with some dish detergent and give it a good old scrunch. No need to be gentle, this stuff is super strong! Lay flat to dry.

STEP THREE:Glue Background Paper or FabricI used the Muir tartan, as my local kilt shop in Edinburgh kindly gave me a swatch of for free. Use your tartan if you have one or just a nice fabric or paper of your choice. Vintage maps patterns, whether original or a digital print out, would be another great choice I think.

Glue the fabric or paper to the back of the middle section

Once I stuck the tartan to the middle section, I placed some clear vinyl over it. This is totally optional as I really only did it to allow the contact details to slide in and out more easily.

STEP FOUR: Optional Attach Press StudsIf using the press studs, attach them as show below:

STEP FOUR: Sew EdgesI used myCrafter Stitch Fonttocreate small evenly spaced circles at the edges to aid sewing. This was a godsend, as otherwise the material is very thick and hard to space hand stitches perfectly evenly. Instead, the Silhouette does all the hard work and its then just a simply task of running the needle and thread along. Start by bringing your knotted thread from in between the two pieces to the outside and then work around with a simple running stitch. Just keep stitching from top to bottom as shown below:

The blue rectangle in the cut file for the contact details paper slip. I used a sketch pen with the clean and clear Golden Rule sketch font. You can use print and cut or simply write your details by hand if you prefer. Choose as many or little details as you are comfortable with.

Optional: The green shape is for clear vinyl to cover your contact details back and front. Again this is completely optional, as the paper is protected either side anyway. I applied by placing the vinyl sticky side up and applying the paper from the centre.

Take a length of cord, ribbon, or even cut a thin length of the faux leather paper. Make into a loop and tie knot. Attach to tag with a simple cow hitch.

Lovely inspiring project as always Nadine.

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