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Questions about preparing or baking cakes, defined as chemically or mechanically (using eggs) leavened flour batter.

Cakes are made from batter and contain either chemical or mechanical leavening to cause them to rise and be light and airy. (A very few cakes, such as coffee cakes, are yeast raised.)

Cakes are typically baked in an oven and most often are sweet.

Note that while items like muffins and banana breads are similar to cakes, the tagquickbreadis more appropriate.

7 years, 10 months ago byJustRightMenus

How can I make a last-minute birthday cake without using artificial flavor or color?

Does the German in German chocolate cake refer to the chocolate or the cake?

When baking a cake that calls for butter, should you use salted or unsalted?

Hitting specific color of orange in a sponge cake

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