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The Photos SocialKenny Doesnt Want You To See[Exclusive].

Hello people, this isAlpha Sam & JonnyPUAakaThe Pick-Up Communitys Paparazzi Crewreporting our latest findings.

Weve been covertly following this no-Game having SocialKenny, hoping to catch his ass in some compromising situations in order to expose him as a fatty-loving, hooker-banging, no-having Game fraud.

*Exhibit A:We took these 2 photos of him all chummy with a fat girl (SMDH) outside of the Green Door nightclub, violating the 1 rule of the PUA community: No gaming fat girls! By the stupid expression on his face, you can clearly see that his ass is shitting bricks.

*Exhibit B:WTF, is he dating her!!? We took this photo of that bitch SocialKenny, at the beach with the same fat girl from pic 1. And he had the nerve to tongue her down SMDH!!

*Exhibit C:He pulled this hot girl at a Reggae concert, but as far as we reported- she flaked later that night on his no-game having ass LMAO!!

*Exhibit D:We secretly followed him to Santo Domingo, where he was unable to pick up girls with his mediocre skills. So he hired a cheap hooker for the night and spent on her like he was Santa Clause [SMH]. She ends up fleeing the hotel without giving him what hed paid for!!

*Exhibit E:We snapped a few shots of this MOFO grinding on some fat girls at The Coast nightclub on the island of Antigua.This bastard SocialKenny has no standards and no Game, so he has to settle for seducing huge women 3 times his size SMDH.

Well continue our surveillance of thisfatty-banging, no Game having Socialkenny, whos a disgrace to the seduction community.

His next trip is to Cuba, where he plans on banging Latina prostitutes and more fat girls. Well keep yall posted with some more footage of the debauchery.Alpha Sam & JonnyPUAfromPick-Up Community Paparazzi Teamsigning off.