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Tag Yourselfis a fandom survey meme in which the participant is presented with a lineup of celebrities or fictional characters and prompted to identify one that is the most relatable. Recognizable by the poorly drawn avatars of the characters and ill-phrased descriptions of their traits inComic Sans, the illustrative surveys went viral on the popular microblogging platformTumblrin late January 2016.

The earliest known variation was posted by Tumblr user Goblinlord[2]on January 24th, 2016. The survey post, which featured MS Paint-style illustrations of six bird-like original characters with the caption challenging its viewers to reblog and tag which bird you are, garnered more than 101,000 notes within the first 72 hours.

Precursor: 4chan Choose Wisely Threads

On the online, a popularforum gameis creating lists of options which only allow one of these to be chosen. Popular themes in these lists include the viewer finding themselves in a dangerous situation and having limited options of help, or coming accross magical items which grant special abilities or cause lifechanging events.

The illustrations usually consist of poorly drawn character art with mislabeled names and heavily opinionated descriptions of their characteristics. On January 24th, numerous variations began circulating on Tumblr, many of which garnered tens of thousands of notes in the following 24 hours. Some of the early variations to pass the milestone of 30,000 notes include:

The following day, the @tagyourselfmeme[16]Instagramfeed was launched, highlighting notable examples from the series. Over the next 10 months, the feed garnered upwards of 33,800 followers. Also on January 25th,Twitteruser @gentleskies[18]tweeted aPepe the Frog-themed variation of the survey (shown below).

On January 27th,The Daily Dot[15]published an article titled The tag yourself meme lets you choose your own destiny. On February 9th,Smosh[17]published alisticlehighlighting various examples of the meme. On May 9th, 2016, Instagram[14]user _memethief posted aDat Boi-themed version of the meme. On November 4th, the news site Mic[19]published an article referring to Tag Yourself as the best meme of 2016.

Additional numerous examples can also be found on Tumblr through the tags tag yourself[12]and tag yourself meme.[13]

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I believe that this originated from the Bad Ass Knight, Son meme :

this is the most confusing meme ive ever seen

no other meme has confused me as much as this

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