Data science has typically relied on subject matter experts handing off questions to data scientists performing ad hoc analyses at human speed (i.e. days to weeks). This limits the pace of research and discovery. Tag.bio fundamentally changes this paradigm, giving subject matter experts, the ability to quickly and easily perform sophisticated analyses in seconds.

Doctors at UCSF are using Tag.bio to explore patient care and outcomes:

Tag.bio really allows me to get so many more answers. I can do it all myself and I didnt need to ask my IT analysts to build a report.

Its just a revolutionary way to access data that weve never offered people before.

– Value-based healtcare Physician, UCSF Health

Biologists at Novatis have Tag.bio deployed in Immuno-Oncology:

Now I can do iterative, custom analyses myself. I dont have to wait for bioinformatics support and I dont have to use Spotfire anymore.