I searched all over the internet but i cant seem to find any good producer tag tutorial for FL studio. Anyone know how to pull this off?

Example producer tag(Hucci good, Stookisound):

just ask a random hot girl you know !!!

get a hot girl with a sexy ass/seductive voice to say it ahha

First thought when i saw this post haha – Did it myself as well! +1

Your best bet would be fiverr or something alike, where you can hire a voice actor.There are obviously no plugins or something for this. Unless youre gonna use text-to-speech, but I do not recommend that, especially if you look at how cheap you can get a real sounding tag.

Yeah indeed, well hiring someone would be a bit too much. Im broke af lol. But i do have a very decent mic, maybe i could use my own voice but i need to edit it that. any idea how i can do that?

Thats of course a option as well, yea.Sorry, Dont know that much about editing.

I record vocals using Audacity, and then import to FL. It depends on what you want the tag to sound like, but it shouldnt be too complicated regardless. Did you have an idea of what you wanted it to sound like? Id be willing to help. I have a shit mic, but I make the most out of it lol.

Record it yourself or get someone else to record it

Just record it? And then edit it? Really not much to it.

another option would be to find a good text to speech gen and then use some light distortion and shit.

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