Vegan Corn Maque Choux

Unless you are from Louisiana or have been there enough times, you may have no idea what Maque Choux is. Well, I am married to a man who grew up there and I had no idea what it was until this month. He started asking me to create a recipe for the blog, but how do I create something Ive never heard of or eaten?

Maque Choux is a classic southern Louisiana dish made from corn, veggies and spices/herbs. Some versions have sausage or bacon, but the one he always ate was vegetarian. Awesome. To create it, I simply asked my husband what it was and took his guidance and of course, his tastebuds. Its a very simple dish, but it is incredibly full of flavor. There are many different varieties I saw online, so based on what he said and what I wanted, this is what I came up with. He, the Louisianan approved, so thats enough for me.

I hope you all enjoy this Vegan Corn Maque Choux! Leave me feedback below after you make it. You can also tag me onInstagramwith your pic and make sure to put my tagthevegan8in your caption so its saved to my page and I see it!

Half of a large white or yellow onion finely chopped (145 g, you will need 1 heaping cup chopped)

1 red bell pepper, chopped (145 g, you will need 1 heaping cup chopped)

1 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning (crucial ingredient for flavor)

1 tablespoon minced fresh garlic (2 extra large cloves)

3 cups super sweet corn kernels (I used organic super sweet frozen from Trader Joes and let it thaw beforehand)

1/2 cup lowfat coconut milk (or you can use cashew milk or soy milk if you prefer, just make sure you are using a creamy milk)

2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh thyme

4 sprigs chives, finely chopped (optional for garnish)

Add the onion, bell pepper, old bay seasoning, black pepper, salt and water to a large pan and turn to medium heat. Once it starts to boil, let it cook about 8 minutes until veggies are tender. All of the water should be gone by then.

Add the garlic, corn, coconut milk and fresh thyme. Keep it at medium heat and cook about 10 minutes more or until it has thickened up from the milk. You want it thickened and no more liquid remaining. Taste and add anymore spice if desired depending on how spicy you want it.

Add freshly chopped chives for garnish if desired and serve immediately. This as a side dish will serve about 3 people. As more of a main dish, you will only get 2 servings. I served it to the 3 of us as a side dish with roasted potatoes.

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Looks delicious! I love corn salads and corn and peppers are such a natural combo! I bet the creamy coconut milk just takes it over the top! Yum!

Thank you so much Jenn! The flavors all together were truly amazingly delicious. I will make twice as much though next time so there are leftovers. It was gone in minutes, haha!

A big bag of chips along side this masterpiece would do me juuusssttt fine.

Oh yes, I bet it would be so good with chips! Great idea girl!

This is so similar to a corn salad that I make. Who knew it was cajun! 🙂 I love the addition of coconut milk, Brandi. It sounds like the perfect summer dish.

I know, I was surprised at how simple it is because I use these ingredients all the time as well in my cooking, lol! But the thyme and spices are what set it apart. Ive seen some with meat and cream, but my hubby always ate the vegetarian version and even though not all versions contain cream, I decided to add coconut milk to make it a bit richer. So good!

Looks like summer in a dish! How nice that you could make something by-request for your guy. My first husband was 100% Cajun and many of our meals were based on what he loved and ate growing up. In those days I still ate meat, and boy – were they meat-centric! Interestingly, I dont remember him ever asking for or making maque choux – probably because it had too many veggies in it, hehe!

Annie its crazy because hes NEVER even mentioned this dish until recently, I guess because its simple, few ingredients and he knows that is my blogs focus so thats why he suggested it, lol!

This dish is so easy and simple to make! The addition of coconut milk is delicious, it adds a lot of creaminess to the dish, while the herbs and the vegetables add flavors to it. I bet this is a perfect appetizer at a party and Im pretty sure I and my friends would just love this. I like the sound of this – it sounds so majestic and elegant, never heard about of it. But for now I really know what it is and I really like the story behind this recipe. It is always a pleasure when we all learn from our family. For me eating is not just creating a recipe, its something different. It is about the story and the minds behind a recipe, dishes put all the people together, its a social event and an experience together.

Totally never heard of the dish…but o do I want it!! Perfect way to use the lovely summer corn abundance!

Its new to me too, lol, but boy is it delicious!

What a beautiful salad dish, Brandi! I eat so much corn in the summer months, and I have so much of it at home at the moment, so making this delicious salad with it will be perfect! Love the coconut milk addition!

Ive never heard of this before! In fact, Im not quite sure how to even pronounce it, LOL. I love that you let him be your taste guide. Youll have to go have it sometime and compare! It looks so colorful and yummy. And if you made it, I know its good!

Haha I know, I hadnt either until he asked for it! No lie, I asked him to spell it to me probably 50 times, lol! He said it tasted just like he remembered and that it was delicious, so a big pat on the back to me, haha! He has no reservation when something tastes nasty.

Brandi, could you tell me how this is pronounced, please? Is the coconut milk from a can or from a carton? Thanks.

Hi Jan! Yes, it is pronounced mock shoe 🙂 I used a canned light coconut milk. Let me know after you try it 🙂

Hi! Thanks so much for this recipe! My daughter and her friend just became vegans about three months ago. We are Cajuns, however, and it is hard to re-learn how to cook our favorite foods. This is one of them. Thanks for this! She will be delighted!

Ive never heard of this dish but it looks amazing! Cant wait to try this, I love corn 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you so much Lucie!! I love corn as well, so I especially loved this!

Oooh! I live in TX, and sometimes a few of those Louisiana dished make their way over here. I havent had maque choux in years, and your looks wonderful! I love the edition of coconut milk 🙂

Thank you so much Hannah, you are so sweet! Let me know if you try it!

How have I not heard of this dish before? I mean besides the obvious Ive never set foot near Louisiana. But seriously, this dish has all of my favorite things. My life was seriously incomplete and now I know why.

Wow, old bay seasoning AND coconut milk? So summery – I have to try this!! Lovely as always, Brandi! xo

Thank you so much Alison! Its so good!

Making this for a side to take to a BBQ this weekend. Would it work just at room temp and how about doubling (tripling) the Old Bay?

Yes, definitely double the Old Bay if you want. It has a decent amount of heat, but I left it on the milder side for my daughter, but by all means, kick it up if you like. Maybe scale back a little on the salt though, since Old Bay has a lot of salt in it already. I think itd be fine at room temperature as well. Its kind of like those summer corn salads. 🙂

This is the fist time Im hearing about Maque Choux but I am so intrigued! I love discovering new foods and this looks so darn flavorful!! 🙂 I love how incredibly simple this is too!! I am definitively going to be trying this soon and tagging you on insta!! I might have to wait until Im in Canada though because Ive never seen Old Bay seasoning here!! Saving this to make for later girl! It sounds absolutely wonderful 🙂

Thank you so much Ceara! It was totally new to me! I mean, Ive been with him 13 years and until recently, he has never mentioned it, lol! I love, LOVE corn though, so I just loved the simple but very tasty flavors!

Wow, that sounds amazing, Brandi! So fresh and flavorful. I totally didnt expect the coconut milk in there as an ingredient just based on the photos plus Im so unfamiliar with maque choux!, but I can imagine it being really tasty. Will definitely have to give this a try! Is a maque choux traditionally only made with corn? Or can you use other beans or peas? I mean I love corn and the pretty color it gives this dish, but just curious about whether its a corn-only kind of dish?

Thank you so much Audrey! Yes, its definitely a corn focused dish. The main ingredient is always corn 🙂

Another version of maques choux that I learned from the Junior League of Lake Charles Pirates Pantry cookbook that Ive cooked for years adds okra to the mix… from 50-25-25 corn-okra-tomato to 1/3-1/3-1/3. You can mix the ratios to any way you want to suit your taste.

Brandi, I finally got Old Bay seasoning and made this and it was really delicious. The flavor really evolves and has many wonderful layers. So good! I have a pot of fresh thyme on my deck and I was so happy to have such a great recipe to use it.

I am so happy to hear you loved this Georgia! I loved the photo you shared on Facebook! Thank you so much for making it and letting me know!

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Roasted Jamaican Jerk Lime Cauliflower and Coconut Rice

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Roasted Jamaican Jerk Lime Cauliflower and Coconut Rice

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