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(fold-formed, soldered and patinated sterling brooch)

In the collection of Nancy ParkerMetalsmithing

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The essential hand tools of metalsmithing in one inexpensive starter kit. Your kit includes:

(relatively coarse)12 6/0 Swiss saw blades

(relatively fine)Rawhide malletNeedle filesWooden hand vise2 Storage tubes for blades

My 13 year old son is so excited with his kit!! He takes metalsmithing at school and is excited to have his own tools.

start fabricating metal objects right away

Digital caliper comes in a case and includes 2 batteries

Precise work requires precise measuring. Our calipers use a standard watch battery, and have the ability to shift from metric [millimeters] to SAE [thousands of an inch] at the touch of a button.

It comes in a protective case and has 2 extra batteries. It will help you to properly measure eyelets and holes, metal gauge, wire size, material thickness, and various other measurements too precise for a ruler.

Improve your vision and increase your efficiency

Accept no substitutes! Superior optics and comfort make OptiVISOR the choice for most metalsmiths and jewelers. We have 3 magnifications for your needs, and you can use them with or without your prescription glasses for even more magnification options.

The OptiVISOR is made for very close work

(Foreword by Tim McCreight), 34 pages

Recommended by Art Jewelry Magazine!

This excellent self-published booklet is full of 24 recipes and techniques, plus 5 ways of sealing color onto base metals. Though simple in presentation and language, this booklet is for working metalsmiths as well as for beginners. Experienced, easy-to-follow advice from metalsmith Christine Cox and pages of color photos show colored brass, copper and nickel silver and finished pieces to inspire you. Its chock-full of coloring ideas including patinas, paints, colored pencils and much, much more. Best of all, no special equipment or particularly hard-to-find chemicals are needed for the techniques.

Free domestic shipping on this item – international orders will be charged $5.00 shipping for booklet orders.

We got a rave review on this booklet from Art Jewelry Magazine!

This patina and many other ways of coloring base metals are covered in this excellent resource.

All book, video and publication sales are final (unless there is a manufacturing problem).

Recommended by Art Jewelry Magazine!

Visit our page just for base metal etching-related products.

Parallel pliers are used when uniform pressure is required. They feature a unique compound box joint that enables the jaws to stay parallel to each other. Even under firm pressure, they provide a flat, consistent grip, unlike standard pliers that can cause items to slip out of the jaws. These pliers are ideal for securely grasping difficult-to-hold items such as round beads or holding one end of an object, wire, or metal sheet while working the other end. You can also use them for working with loops, crimping, creating bends, and forming smooth curves in sheets & wire. These are a must-have when bending heavy gauge wire.

Amplify your grip as you file, sand, bend. The brass protects your work from being marred by the tool.

A must-have when bending heavy-gauge wire or sheet. Ideal for making rings or anything with a curve in it. AKA Bending Pliers

The set is called Color I.D., and each pair of pliers has a different colored grip on the handle so they are easy to tell apart at a glance. This would be such a perfect starter set, a great gift or a set to take with you to classes. 4.5 long

Im so glad that Tracy Stanley recommended these hole punch pliers to us. Simply use the pliers to punch a hole in your metal (up to 22 ga. non-ferrous metals) and insert your cold connection. A lovely finish (no burs) and long-reach jaws make this tool a pleasure to use. Pliers have a gauge guard and come with a replacement pin.

EURO TOOLs Extra-Duty box-joint pliers featuring double-leaf springs are made of the finest European steel available. Box joints insure lifetime alignment. Made in Germany. Make loops and round bends with the perfectly round and finely tapered tips on this plier.

EURO TOOLs box-joint pliers are made of the finest European steel available. Box joints insure lifetime alignment. Made in Germany. Flat nose pliers featuring double-leaf springs allow you to grip flat objects and make right angle bends. The smooth jaws come to a fine even taper.

EURO TOOLs box-joint pliers are made of the finest European steel available. Box joints insure lifetime alignment. Made in Germany. Chain nose pliers feature double-leaf springs and smooth jaws with slightly beveled edges to avoid marring. The nose is tapered to a fine point for bending and most utility work.

Bent chain-nose pliers are the best for wire wrapping!– Christine Cox

EURO TOOLs box-joint pliers are made of the finest European steel available. Box joints insure lifetime alignment. Made in Germany. Bent chain nose pliers feature double-leaf springs and smooth jaws The nose is tapered to a fine point for bending and close work in small places.

Cuts up to 12 gauge!Power Max Cutters

Ergonomic compound flush cutter that offers the finest in compound leverage construction at an affordable price. Leverage combined with an induction-hardened high-grade steel jaw allows for extra close cutting. The handles are shaped to be ergonomically efficient and to prevent fatigue and possible injuries which can sometimes accompany hours of cutting. Great for thickercopper. Length 6-1/2 -165mm.

Full-flush cut means little or no filing!

If youve ever cut out a disk with a saw, youll appreciate this tool

These adorable enamel earrings were cut from sterling sheet using our disk cutter

Large cutter features five sizes ranging from

Cut perfect circles every time! The holes have been drilled, reamed and then honed to make the finest and cleanest cutter available. The punches are oil-quenched tool steel and drawn for hardness and durability. The base is case-hardened and ground.

Cuts metal up to 14 gauge (be sure to anneal your metal for the heavier gauges). Measures 3 x 2-3/4. For longer tool life, Christine Cox suggests usingCut Lubeon the punch before each cut. Use with ourBrass Malleton a sturdy table. OurPounding Matwill help protect the table.

Eight dapping tools with matching block in a neat wooden block. Cavity sizes are 28, 24, 20, 18, 15, 12, 9 and 6mm with corresponding punches. Opposite side of polished steel block is smooth for use as a bench block.

Considering everything you can do with the punches and the block, this is really several tools in one. The punches are great for flaring tube rivets, put one in a vise and its a tiny anvil. Use them for repouss. Youll be surprised how often you reach for one.

A dapping (AKA doming) block

Use this handy wire bender for bending wire thats a little too tough to bend by hand. You can either screw or clamp it to a bench or table. Its great for bending lead came (stained glass) or copper grounding wire (metalsmithing).

I just recently took a metalsmithing class with friends. We are so excited to have found a site with reasonably-priced supplies!

Our Better Bench Block is the original. Its a superior product as Its made from high carbon steel (its harder to damage) and its milled incredibly smooth (fewer marks to transfer to your work). Made in U.S.A.

Our hand-made bench blocks are clearly superior. Our bench block is a milled plate of very hard steel alloy mounted onto a high quality 3/4 hardwood base. Most blocks are just a slab of steel, some polished and hardened, some not. Ours transfer less vibration therefore theres less stress on you. They are also significantly lighter than solid blocks so they are perfect for traveling. They come in 2 sizes to suit your metalsmithing or eyeleting needs.

Hint to wire workers, if you are using annealed or dead-soft round wire, place it on one block and then press down as you roll another block on top. It will straighten and harden your wire nicely.

A great multi-purpose tool (our favorite kind). Pounding Mat made from dense rubber. Not only does it protect your work table from scratches caused by bench blocks and equipment, it also protects it from inadvertent cuts and the compression caused by hammering. Any being weaker than Superman couldnt accidentally cut through this stuff. Your table is safe! The best thing is that its sound absorbing (are your ears ringing from hammering metal?). We use these in the Studio and appreciate the difference in the sound level.

Note: We cut the pounding mats by hand. As the rubber is very dense its nearly impossible to cut it in a straight line. The mats arent pretty but they are very useful! Colors vary.

OK, my first thought when I saw these was, Cute! Actually these miniature horn (because of the shape) anvils are quite handy for those small jewelry jobs when a larger block is just overkill. If you tend to make ring- or earring-sized things, or if you want a small anvil for traveling, youll love this hard little worker.

4-1/8L X 1-9/16H X 1W (size may vary slightly)

Use abrass malletand asteel bench blockfor crisp letters every time. We havehints for lining up your lettersin the Idea Center.

3mm (1/8) / 27 pc. set includes 26 letters and &

Each punch is marked for easy orientation. Set comes in a canvas pouch for easy storage and selection.

3mm (1/8) / 27 pc. set includes 26 letters and &

2mm (1/8) / 27 pc. set includes 26 letters and &

Each punch is marked for easy orientation. Each set comes in a canvas pouch for easy storage and selection.

2mm (1/8) / 27 pc. set includes 26 letters and &

4mm (1/8) / 27 pc. set includes 26 letters and &

Each punch is marked for easy orientation. Each set comes in a canvas pouch for easy storage and selection.

4mm (1/8) / 27 pc. set includes 26 letters and &

The ideal surface for stamping is aBench Blockon top of a Pounding Mat. You need the steel bench block to get well-defined, crisp letters. Use ourPounding Matto protect your table and lower the noise level.

Find more tips on how to use our punches in the Idea Center.

This is a detail of a book I made using a metal stamp set to spell out the title and authors name. There are more photos of this book in the Idea Center.

Pride and Prejudice and other classic novels are available as books-in-sheets.

We also sell Alphabet and Number Punch Sets which are not suitable for heavy metal but are great for punching into leather, PMC (Precious Metal Clay), polymer clay, thin embossing metal or wood.

Heads are roughly 1/8 in diameter

Our miniature hex head bolts can look surprisingly elegant. These were bead blasted for a satin finish. Learn to make this bracelet in Christine Coxs class; Torch Technic

Dont the Hex Head Bolts look great on this pin I made at Art and Soul? Thats my mom, me and my dad.

Use this tap to thread holes (drilled with a55 drill) in sheet metal to prepare forMiniature Hardware. You can use it in your hand or in aPin Vise. The Tap is compatible with all of ourMiniature Bolts and Screws.

This tool is essential for making a pilot dent when drilling in metal. It helps keep your drill bit from skidding all over and scratching up the metal. Use on aBench Block. Colors vary.

Here are the actual measurements you need to figure out the driver size:

Head of stainless hex head bolt, brass hex head bolt, brass nut and copper-plated brass hex head bolt

Check outour selection of 1/16 washers that fit our hardware!

Next time you need a beautiful silver cold-connection, reach for our sterling silver rivets. Use a 1/16 bit to drill your hole and then pop the rivet through and finish the other end with your hammer. Easy metalsmithing, and they look great with ourlarge copper washers! Heads are 3.6mm diameter

(10) 1/4 length X 1.3mm diameter

(20) 1/2 length X 1.3mm diameterHow to use our miniature hardware and tools:

If it isnt important to thread the hardware into your piece, you can just drill the holes with a 1/16 drill bit (available from hardware stores) and pop the hardware in. The hole will be just a tiny bit too big, so it will look the same, but it will be a little looser and less secure.

If you want to screw your pieces together, start by drilling holes in both pieces you will be joining. Use our55 Drill Bit.

Use aTapto cut threads into the inside each of the holes you drilled (easier than it sounds).

Align the holes in the pieces and then screw in the hardware.

Add the nuts (washers are optional and can go on the front or the back).

Tighten the nuts using either the appropriateWrenchesor useFlatnose Pliers(and a tiny screwdriver if using screws).

To shorten and finish the bolt off: UseHeavy Duty Wire Cuttersto cut the bolt off pretty close to the nut (half the diameter of the bolt is a good rule of thumb).

Turn the piece over and rest the head of the bolt on aBench Block.

Use aChasing Hammerto peen the cut-end of the bolt until its rounded and smooth and the nut can no longer back off. This last step can be avoided by simply using Loctite or some other appropriate glue (E6000 works). Personally, Id avoid the liquid connection, but thats a personal bias.

We are so excited to offer these tiny, tiny screws, nuts and washers! Have you seen the wonderful jewelry and constructions that people are making with them? They are 1/16 diameter. Now you have an alternative to riveting and they look great! Stainless Steel or Brass.

MiniatureHead Bolts, Nuts and Washers

These tiny hex head bolts, washers and nuts are great for bolting pieces together but — thinking out of the box — wouldnt they make great eyes on a doll? They are 1/16 diameter. They look great! Stainless Steel or Brass.

Driverfor Stainless Hex Nuts (Wrench 2)

This wrench fits our stainless steel nuts. If youre using our stainless steel hex head bolts, you might want one of each of our wrenches (1 for the hex head bolt and 1 for the nut)

If youve been struggling along with 2 pairs of pliers (or a pair of pliers and a screwdriver), youll love this tool! Use with our brass or stainless steel hex head bolts, or use 1 wrench and a tiny screwdriver if youre using our brass screws. Screwdrivers meant for eyeglasses repair are perfect! Size is 0-80

Sterling silver rivets 1/2 long

Sterling silver rivets 1/4 long

Select ColorStainless screw-headBrass screw-headCopper-plated brass screw head

Select ColorStainless hex-headBrass hex-headCopper-plated brass hex-head

Use this size high-speed bit to drill a hole for your tap so that you can screw our hardware into your work.

These tiny high-speed bits are the correct size for making rivets from20 gauge wire.

I just spent some time visiting your wondrous website and just had to thank you for a breath-taking experience! Heartfelt gratitude for your gifts to this world! Many thanks

This pen size aluminum holder with nicely finished anodized barrel and pocket clip has a built-in chuck made of steel and pressed into the barrel to firmly hold screwdriver blades and prevent turning. The screwdriver blades are made of heat treated alloy steel for strength and durability and may be stored inside the barrel. Length 3-3/4.

Stamp on copper withStazOn Inkor paint withAlcohol Inks, pair it with ourCopper Mesh.Patinate copper beautifully in ourPatinating SolutionorLiver of Sulfur. It can be stamped with ourAlphabet and Number Stamps. Check out Christines bookletColoring Base Metals.

There is just so much you can do with this very thin copper! Emboss it with an embossing tool, fold it around book board for an attractive book cover, put it between layers of glass and then fuse and slump the whole shebang.

Solid copper. Use it to fabricate jewelry and charms, enamel with it, and so much more! The 20 gauge come in sets of 2 so that they are perfect for book covers.

This book was made from Stained Glass,Copper SheetCopper Eyeletsand ourSoldering Equipment

Stamp on brass and nickel-silver withStazOn Ink, pair it with ourCopper Mesh.Patinate metal beautifully in ourPatinating SolutionorLiver of Sulfur. It can be stamped with ourAlphabet and Number Stamps. Check out Christines bookletColoring Base Metals.

Solid red brass. Use it to fabricate book covers, make jewelry and charms and so much more! Etch it in ferric chloride, patinate it, solder it, torch-color it.

This heavier duty sheet metal is perfect for making charms, books or intricately sawn designs. This is what we use in ourMetal Journal Kits. The heavier gauge allows you to stamp on the metal without it showing on the reverse and gives your piece strength.

These 18 gauge copper shapes are ideal for enameling, soldering, cold connections, charms and so much more. Form them, drill them, color them.

These raw copper shapes are so fun to use as is or in so many other ways! They are 18 gauge so they will hold up to enameling. Theyre copper so they can be soldered, colored with a torch or patinated with ouroxidizing solutionorliver of sulfur. Dome them in ourdoming blockor use them flat.

In addition to ourFine Copper Mesh, we sell mesh in 1/8 and 1/4 sizes. The spaces between the copper wires is much larger for a completely new look in your projects. Folded in package. Cuts easily and molds into various shapes and designs.

Since its solid copper you can oxidize all of our Copper Mesh in ourOxidizing Solutionor you can color it with our Blow Torch. People who have used it on ourMetal and Leather Journal Kitslove it (and so do we).

This is a fantastic product for creative play! Its very fine, solid copper mesh. Pleat it, cut it with scissors, fold it, wrap it around shapes or armature wire, use it withEyelets. TheJapanese Screw Punchgoes through it with no problems (although youll need to replace yourtipsmore frequently). *

* Note: The mesh may have small areas of discoloration or the occasional defect.

This mesh is so fine you can read the cover of our local phone book through it.

Bottom: Mesh oxidized in ourOxidizing Solution

This is by FAR the best source for metalwork and art journaling! i teach a lot of art workshops across the country, and am delighted to pass along this site as a source for my students – wonderful rapport with christine, fast and lovely service, excellent selection. i give volcano arts TEN copper stars! xo

The mesh is flat and smooth. The moir pattern in this pictureis an artifact of the scanning process. Our fine copper mesh has never been folded so its perfect for larger projects.

Because its 100% copper, all your great patina recipes work on our mesh too.

This cool copper mesh frame was folded so that the thickness of the edges would act as a heat sink and therefore not melt. I then torched the center of the mesh. The beading around the inside of the frame was caused by the melting copper and gave a very nice finished appearance to the frame. The heat also gave the frame wonderful colors. Click the image for a close-up.

This is an exclusive package of Micro-Graded Abrasive Polishing Papers. Each pack contains 12 pieces of 6 different grits of paper; ranging from 400 grit to 8000 grit. Use scissors to cut them (or just tear them) to whatever size you like and they are perfect for sanding and polishing metal or polymer clay to the very highest shine. Use them wet or dry! The polishing papers are flexible like fabric and great on almost any shaped or flat surface. Each grit: 2 pc. 5 1/2 X 4 1/4; made in U.S. (12 pieces)

They are perfect for filing in the very tiniest spaces. The assortment of files includes several useful shapes and comes in a convenient handle for comfortable use, storage and travel.

Coarse Sanding and Polishing Papers

If you find that you use the coarser grits of Polishing Papers more often than the fine grits, youll love this selection of only the 2 coarsest papers from our selection above. You get the 400 and 600 grit papers; 12 pieces (5 1/2 X 4 1/4) – 6 of each grit.

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful the set of files I got from you at Art & Soul are. How did I live without them??? Think Ive used them almost every day for some project or other. Good stuff!

This charm is only 1 X 1 1/4.

Mini Needle files got into the smaller spaces.

This set of 12 files (2 cut) is for getting into the small areas of your metal work. These are a little larger than the mini-files above. Assorted shapes including triangle, flat, round, etc.

Hint to teachers: Making polymer clay tool handles can be a great class!

This basket is made entirely of plastic so it doesnt add copper to the pickle solution. It makes your pickle last longer and keeps your silver from becoming copper plated. Simply quench your metal in water (a very important step), put it into the basket and rest the basket in your pickle pot. It also saves you from having to dig tiny things out of your pickle with clunky tongs. Its a simple and elegant solution to a universal problem. Its also perfect for use in your ultrasonic cleaner or for sifting powdered media. We recommend separate baskets for each use to keep chemicals pure. 2-1/4 basket (colors vary)

Tired of your silver being coated with copper when you pickle it?

Third-Hand has weighted base for stability

Current stock doesnt have fibergrip on tweezers. They are plain.with Cross-Lock Tweezers

Its a handy third hand in the form of detachable tweezers on an adjustable solid base. Use the cross-lock tweezers to hold your work while you solder, close jump rings, add charms and so much more.

Have you ever wished for a better grip when hand-twisting a drill bit, burr or aTapforMini-Hardware? A pin vise is a really indispensable tool that is useful in so many small ways. Both ends are little chucks (you know, the thing that holds a bit in a drill) and it will really grip your bit or tool. Every jewelers bench and work table should be equipped with one. Unlike most, this one closes down to 0 and has 4 different sizes of collets.

This invaluable little tool is incredible! I keep mine clamped right on my bench and use it constantly. Use it for holding charms while you soft solder, to hold a nail-set while you rivet, to make the first head on a rivet, to hold a dowel for making chain more flexible, to hold wire as you twist it. Its one of those things that you wonder how you ever did without.

We have photos of our Mini Bench Vise at work

Have you ever tried to file something too tiny to hold? How about wire? Enter the wonderful tool called a Hand Vise (AKA Ring Clamp). They are wooden vises with leather pads to protect your metal from scratches. Use it for holding work while you file, grind, drill or any other time you need a helping hand.

A brass mallet is perfect anytime youre hitting a steel tool, such as when hittingalphabet punchesor cutting disks. Also great for settingeyelets.

If you want to make flat or invisible rivets, this is the right hammer for the job. One end is flat for general purposes and the other is chisel-shaped (cross-pein) for spreading rivet heads. Handle is seasoned ash. Made in Germa