Weekend Project DIY Personalized Dog Tags

**Due to popular demand, I now sell these in myEtsy shop, for those that are more do it for me. 🙂  ***

Oh, dont be fooled. By dog tags, I mean REAL dog tags that my doggies are now wearing. One of the perks of running my own Etsy shop is having the tools on-hand to do projects like this. BUT, if youre a crafty person, the tools required to stamp something are pretty handy (and fun!) to have. Plus, personalized dog tags like this can costmorethan just buying the tools and doing it yourself. So, I say just do it yourself and then you have the tools AND the tags for the same price. Just sayin

Metal stamping block (Michaels)

Rubber stamping block (Michaels)

3mm letter stamps, or whatever size youd like (Michaels/Etsy/Ebay)

Doming block, if youd like to dome your discs (Michaels)

Design stamps (Michaels/Ebay)

1 & 3/4 Raw brass discs (Monsters Layeror Ebay)

Ball pein hammer, if you want a hammered texture . If not, a regular hammer is fine. (Harbor Freight or any hardware store)

Fine steel wool (Harbor Freight or any hardware store)

1. Use the sharpie to map out your letters. Since I went along the curve of the disc, centering really wasnt a concern of mine since I could just punch the final hole over whatever wound up being the center. But if you want to stamp in a line, use a Sharpie to mark your dots.

2. Place the steel block on top of the rubber block. The steel block will ensure that the full force of the hammer transfers to the disc. The rubber block absorbs force so that your table or bench doesnt knock around.

3. Take note of the orientation of your letter, place is down on the stamp, and give it a whack with your hammer. Use the flat side of your ball pein hammer for this.

3. After all letters a stamped, rub sharpie across the letters and then remove excess with the steel wool. This is to check the impression. If you need to make another pass, carefully place the stamp in the already created grooves and give the disc another whack.

4. If you want to give your discs some hammered texture, do so now with the rounded end of your ball pein hammer. Use the steel and rubber block again.

5. At this point, you will want to punch your holes. Mark the hole with a Sharpie and punch. If you find the disc hole puncher is leaving a ring behind, place a rag between the disc and the tool only at this point to prevent this. However, dont put anything between the actual pin that pierces the disc and the disc itself.

6. Once holes are punched, use the doming tool to lightly dome your discs, if so desired. Start with the biggest dome first and work your way to the desired angle. Be gentle, working around the outside of the disc to the center. Dont start at the center as this will cause buckling.

7. Do a final pass with the steel wool to clean any remaining Sharpie and youre good to go! Depending on the metal you chose, these may need to be lightly buffed and the details may need to be re-filled with Sharpie every so often. We do this at bath time since the collars are already off.

P.S I wanted to show you my sexy little ladies with their new bling, but they would not sit still! Such energetic dogs

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What fun. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

Could not locate Monsters Layer on eBay is there another shop that sells the blanks you could recommend.

Hi Karen! I recommend buying the blanks fromMonsters LayerOR ebay. I included a link to the Monsters Layer site, as they are not on eBay.

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