Why Dome?

We may be biased, but if youre going to the expense of printing labels, you may as well produce labels that people will notice. Whats the point otherwise?

Domed labels, also known as bubble labels or gel labels, transform the look of a flat label but they dont just look great, they feel good too. Because the dome is made of high-grade resin, the labels are incredibly tactile. People cant stop touching them.

The high-grade resin also offers incredible protection against UV, chemicals and abrasion. Adding a dome will keep the colours and design of your labels looking good, for longer.

Doming is easy when you have the right equipment and know how. If youre interested in doming for yourself, we can train you, give you the very best equipment on the market with the best available resin cartridges, delivered quickly, whenever you need them.

We have a team solely employed to look after our DIYers (Dome It Yourself). Whether you need advice on the machines, the doming process or your orders, theyre there to help.