Why you should date a Dominican man

First of all let me say that in accordance to a lot of the worlds politicians a countrys value lays in its people. Second of all let me rephrase that from my subjective (feminine) perspective; actually every countrys value lays in its MEN. And Dominican men is something way beyond worth considering if you are in the market for dating decisions. First of all I cannot believe anyone would actually need convincing, but here goes. Reasons why you should date a Dominican man

First of all, they tend to have good bodies. Makes sense, because Dominicans (majority of them) seem to really enjoy taking care of themselves and are into fitness, sports, gym and the likes. Go to Santo Domingos Malecn and witness the beauty of it.

Dominicans are not so much the drinkers or smokers. And lets be real, for an average woman it is especially impressive when compared to her European fellow candidates for a fling or for even more for an altar.

They actually have game. I observed that they tend to be masculine in their behavior. Are less prone to act childish (juvenile) or ridiculous. Maybe are a bit less funny than the ones I know from Europe, but well, if you want funny you can watch stand-up on tv. We are talking romance here!

Dominican men are grownups earlier than a statistical European guy, who seems unfazed to go on with the party till in his late 30s or in case of the Spanish even later. A statistical Dominican is more eager to call himself a man and for that matter to achieve all the stereotypical man attributes (good employment, functional family etc.)

And thus Dominican men are hardworking. Very often they juggle a lot of different employments at once, run their own business and try to make it in a country that does not really make it easy on them nor encourages midday slacking off on a sofa.

On their free time though Dominicans give off a very seductive vibe. Of course skeptics would say thus they might be distrustful cheaters, but from what Ive heard cheaters exist among all sorts of men (or people in general) so lets decide if you are going to be cheated on at all, isnt it in the end better to be cheated on by a seductive, attractive latino, than a grumpy awkward white dude? Because that way you got to have your chance with mi chico latino at least for a moment, now didnt you?

The ones that I came across while living in Dominican Republic gave me an impression of being romantic and respectful towards women. Seems like when a Dominican is in love with his lady, he is in there for keeps. And is not afraid to show it, even in public. While for example European fellow men, while at a party with their couple seem a bit more into being close with their booze or their buddies.

Dominican men know how to dance. And we all know what other ability that implies, now dont we?

Dominican men shower an average of 13045403 times a day, take baths in perfume and enjoy so called man fashion industry (well some of them maybe even too much, but thats for a different topic). In a dating reality that is for sure more appealing to any woman than a scruffy hipster boy who is a) too philosophical to take care of the superficial, b)is into saving the planet water supplies, c) disbeliefs that human organism needs to be treated with chemicals on a regular basis, or d)any other crazy excuse for smelling like a street bum and wearing raggedy or out-dated clothing.

And last but not least Lets face it, none of the abovementioned points would actually be valid if not for this last huge dating market value advantage:

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