WM nameplate

Metal Nameplate, Graphic Overlays, Signs

Doming is to take your flat pressure sensitive nameplates/labels/tags/signs and give it a 3 dimensional, crystal clear and jewel-like look by adding durable polyurethane resin on your faceplate or label to protect your nameplate from scuff or scratch.

Logos, text and borders are raised in crisp detail, rounded edges or faceted planes to make your brand outstanding

available in various specifications as your requirements.

Aluminum : 0.005 ~ 0.125 Thickness with brushed or mil surface

Tags:aluminumembossingetchingnameplateplateprintingsignsstainless steeltag

⊗ Sample photo is for reference only, copyright will be required when producing every product ⊗

E-mail and speak to us about your requirement Confirmed material Confirmed artwork Output negative film Chemical corrosion and then coloring or screen/offset/digital printing embossing, brushed, polished surface  Doming Q.C. packaging and  cargo ready for ship

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Weve been manufacturing nameplate for more than 40 years, involved in marketing more than 20 years and ensure we will offer you a wonderful customized experience. Contact us and take a try!

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