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One-man Cavs team with a big AF ego. Related to Lebron / Lebron James Memes

Former jail bait for Tyga and one of Caitlyns gal pals

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Cute, Memes, and Summer: When you finally accept the fact youre not going to lose weight and youll just be a cute chubby little bear for summer HUNN SEE MORE Fine with me!

Dank, Life, and : Why is it only going down? Heres the rollercoaster layout for your theme park I call it Life Youll understand this when you grow older. By m

Youll understand this whenolder. By

Being Alone, Drinking, and Game of Thrones: You know what they say about drinking alone? That theres twic as much to drink?

Facts, Cold, and Hood: You can go for this size of bed and shes still going to put her cold feet on top of you. Facts!

Memes, Brazil, and Thanos: Thanos Will have that stone BRASI his is Brazil, gringo The only stone Thanos Will have iS Crack.

Texts, Hood, and Answer: ladies, if your man dont answer your texts or calls pick him up with the seats like this Dkm!


Instagram, Memes, and Scare: kristin @boroviickaa no offense but ppl who drink milk for fun kinda scare me Follow me on Instagram: @nathanielknows

Follow me onInstagram:@nathanielknows

Memes, , and Tank: Thank youu Tank u Tan u Sin Cos u

Memes, Yeah, and Chocolate: When you realize theres no chocolate in the house Yeah, always depressing. Time to go to the store.

Yeah,always depressing.Timeto go to thestore.

Dank, Trash, and Saved by the Bell: ZACK ORRI İSTRASH Remember the Saved by the Bell when Zack Morris valued a red jacket more than four human lives? Zack Morris is trash.

Rememberthe Saved by theBellwhen Zack Morris valued aredjacket more than fourhumanlives? Zack Morris istrash.

Memes, Smooth, and Weird: e 195g SPECIAL EDIT1O e 195g Cuten DryDairy Mik Milk SUNDAE SUNDAE Smooth s.creamy.3L Dairy Milk milk chocolate with vanilla favoured creme and smooth fiowing caramel. Smooth Special w2 for $8 ny SAVE $2 Cadbury has made chocolate for that weird friend who puts it in the freezer.

Cadburyhas madechocolatefor thatputs it in the freezer.

Dank, Twitter, and Good: That one friend whos really good at guiding everyones acid trip Always one My Twitter: @GiveMeInternet

Run, Fuck, and Hood: When youve just been knocked the fuck out and start hearing people run over with their phones out, whilst shouting WORLDSTARRRR brownskinbanter 20/05/2018, 09:05 WORLDSTARRRR!!!!!…..

Memes, Best, and Whacky: Friend: Please be normal tonight. Me: Ok, Ill try my best. Me two minutes later: wenDs Sometimes you just need to get a little whacky!

LeBron James, Lebron, and Ric Flair: RIC FLAIR – LEBRON IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME EXCEPT FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS.. Ric Flair says he thinks LeBron James is the greatest of all time..

Ric Flairsays he thinksLeBron Jamesis the greatest of

Hungry, Vegan, and The Road: when your vegan friend gets hungry so you pull over to the side of the road for them and let them get a quick meal in You gotta do what you gotta do.

Adam and Eve, Memes, and : ADAM and EVE A. DuReR

Post Malone, How To, and How: Tabasko shows you how to look like you just went platinum with this Post Malone fit

Tabasko showslikeyoujust wentplatinumwith

Alive, Dank, and : One burned you alive and the other one electrocuted you with static.

Dank, Life, and : IM GOING TO BED EARLY TONIGHT IS THAT THE SUN? Circle of life …


Dad, Dank, and Fucking: Barry Zuckerkorn @Ja I just saw a dad in cargo shorts on a riding mower shoot some finger pistols at another dad on a riding mower what a fucking power move

Dank, , and One: scam @WiredHoney Follow IS is he one of us

Dank, Laundry, and Netflix: Me at 9am: Im gonna go jog, do laundry and clean all day Me at 7:30 after 10 hours of Netflix Guilty.

Dank, Love, and Girl: The girl who just got her first apartment starter pack SB we every moment, oUedeveryday, beyond words. @middleclassfancy LIVE WELL Inve LAUGH LOVE MUCH

9gag, Batman, and Dank: THERE ARE THOSE WHO CONCEAL THEIR IDENTITY No one must know who Im THERE ARE THOSE WHO REVEAL THEIR IDENTITY am Iron Man AND THEN THERE IS DEADPOOL Im Batman Cline Dion: Beat it, Spider-man

Dank, Fucking, and Earth: People actually think the earth is flat. Sun, round Moon, round Stars, round. But the earth is flying thru space like a fucking frisbee.

Chill, Fam, and Memes: CLASSICAL ART MEMES /classicalartmemes Chill out fam Buddha

Library, Pity, and Walk of Shame: JM @jxssmitchell Walk of shame but arriving at the library when its full and everyone staring at you with pity when you cant find a seat SP

Best Friend, Facebook, and Memes: When ya best friend breaks up with her boyfriend and bitches about how awful he is for about 5 hours straight then gets back together with him the same day CLASSICAL ART MEMES /elassicalartmemes NooooO00O0O

9gag, Dank, and Facts: When youre winning the argument with facts and they start attacking you personally instead of addressing the topic. Lets respond by writing in all caps.

Lets respond by writing inallcaps.

Money, Summer, and Ant: me trying to manage exams and deadlines whilst trying to make money to enjoy my summer ant to see me juggle? ‍️

Facebook, Memes, and : When you read your Facebook posts from 2009 CLASSICAL ART MEMES m/classicalartmemes

Amish, Schwing, and And: A schwing and amish,

9gag, Dank, and Life: Time Will Pass… 8 Will You? EPSON I just wanted the time, not a life lesson dammit

I justwantedthetime,not alifelesson dammit

Dank, Friends, and Parents: Nick @nickhansonMN date someone that can party with your friends and have lunch with your parents

Fail, Omg, and Phone: sukhi @mairanotmaria2 Me in class: *is on my phone the entire time and only looks up maybe once or twice* Also me, .001 seconds after leaving class: omg nothing makes sense this professor is awful the system is designed to fail us SP

Dank, Iron Man, and Slow Motion: MAGNET COLLISION IN SLOW MOTION Reminds me of Iron Man putting on his suit in Inifinity War! By Magneticgames

Reminds me ofIron Manputting on hissuitin Inifinity War! By Magneticgames

Dank, Text, and Waiting…: When you text your friend Here and youre out front like Ive been waiting for you for 5 minutes…

Good, Text, and Hunter: Drew Hunter 5 hrs i text the same 3 people everyday 1 Share Ide Like Comment Kyndal June Lark and 7 others Liby Sanders Could be 4 4 hours ago Like Reply Drew Hunter im good

God, Memes, and Wee: Pocrastinating isBut if like letting a weedearly the problem is grow and grow you nip it Solved! 92 So mip the weed. Please nię it o nip the wee PLEASE GOD NIP THE WEED O Sarah Andersen