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Easy Photo Resin Jewelry Tutorial

Ive dabbled with some photo resin jewelry making before but not entirely successfully. So whenFran Valera of Little Windowssent me some of her photo paper to try, I was most excited! Little Windows was thus named after the beautiful window-like effect created by putting sharp images of photos into resin molds. These are specially designed to reflect the light and yet let it pass through in just the right spots. This easy photo resin jewelry tutorial is for pendants and earrings.

Little Windows has bothone sided and double sided photo papers available. I just happen to have two inkjet printers available – a HP Envy 4500 and a Canon Pixma MG3520 for this review. Many modern printers can print photo paper although the HP Envy I have could not handle the thicker double sided paper so I had to use the Canon for that.

I also had on hand Canon Pixma photo paper to compare. Glossy is always recommended as matte finishes do look dull. I know because I also have the matte version.

I also tested outLittle Windows cropping software- the medium square and diamond shapes are free to use. It is very easy to use.

I uploaded my own photos of flowers taken at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario. You could also do landscape photos, pictures of your family and pets – these are some of the ideas!

The software automatically placed 8 images (they can be either the same or different photos) in two columns.

After saving the design template, printing is next. Every printer is different. This is what the HP Envy printer set up I chose looked like. If you have a gloss photo paper choice which I didnt have, then pick that.

The newer printers have an automatic sizing paper loader too.

I printed out on the test paper that came with Little Windows paper as well as on the single sided photo paper and my Canon photo paper – all on the HP Envy printer. Its clear from the results (see below) that you shouldnotuse ordinary paper – the images looked washed out and yellow.

I couldnt tell much difference between Little Windows paper and Canon paper when I first looked at them. But after I took the photo below, I could see that the dark pink rose in particular at the top looked more vibrant on the Little Windows paper as did the next flower below. The difference is very subtle though.

Cutting out the shapes is easy with the square shape. I prefer paper punches for round ones as it is more difficult to cut neatly around.

I also used one of Little Windows small square punches (they have a great selection) to cut out small square shapes for earrings. An alternative to the cropping software which will save paper is to prepare your own template and size the shapes to slightly larger than what you want and use punches.

If you dont have the right size paper punch, usethe small mold sets cutting template to crop a smaller image out of the medium square one.

I had to use my Canon printer to generate the double sided photo collection. It seems to print out slightly larger than my HP printer. But that slight difference did not seem to matter.

I simply printed the same flower collection on both sides of Little Windows double sided photo paper. I found photo register or printing precision on the other side was not quite right. A quick trim with the scissors soon fixed that. Again the slightly adjusted size did not matter once it was time to drop it into the mold.

My eyes dont do well squinting at the markings of plastic cups so I just weigh out the resin in the 2: 1 ratio for the Little Windows brand. One of Frans tip is to microwave Part A for 5-7 seconds before mixing. This does indeed get rid of more bubbles.

After mixing according to the directions, I poured the resin into themedium size square moldwhich I bought quite a while ago. There is no need for mold release as the inside of the mold already has it.I recommend their economical new medium silicone mold setwhich has all the shapes.

Then slip in the cut photos. Make sure to move the photo about to release any trapped photos underneath it.

Remove bubbles by lifting them up and out with a toothpick or pin. Remember to turn the mold around so you catch the bubbles that may be out of your sight.

I suspect there is some slight reaction with the photo pigments and resin so fine bubbles do still form. So check a few times in the first hour of curing to turf out any that appear. Inevitably there will be some remaining. So embrace them as part of the designs! The tiny ones look a little like glitter! Check outthe wood and resin rings of Secret Woodand see what I mean.

I used the butane lighter approach to try and get rid of the tiny bubbles but it failed probably because I did not heat up the resin enough. I think the only way to really remove them is to use a vacuum pump and chamber.

I usedthe small square mold set for the earrings- they also havethe new small silicone set for all the shapes in one. See what happened when I did not check properly :

The resin takes about 24 hours to cure. Always cover your resin work in progress to keep out the dust. I prefer my Ferrero Rocher chocolate box because the tray and cover is bigger than the clear box the molds come in. Besides, I need more chocolate!

Here is what the test 3 looked like – test paper, Little Windows paper and Canon paper. Again, when seen in a photo, the Little Windows paper looked the best. If you are planning to make jewelry to sell online and have to photograph your work, then Little Windows photo paper makes sense. Otherwise, other good photo paper (which dont bleed) will be fine.

The cured resin pieces are easier to remove from the silicone trays as you just peel them out. The plastic ones I used needed a twist or two before tapping them out.

Sand the edges. You can use various grades of wet-dry sandpaper in a tray of water which will contain the dust. Or you could use a power tool (seehow to use the split mandrel for power sanding).

Use E6000 to glue a pendant bail. Or a good 2 part epoxy adhesive. Ive found Super New Glue does not work well with resin.

The back of a double sided photo pendant will have part of the image covered with a bail. So think about a good background photo to use.

I used two types of small glue on bails for the earrings. I really like the pair on the left below usesthese silver plated bailswhich are orientated such that you dont need jump rings. Just attach directly to the ear wires. This makes for shorter dangles.

You can also dome up the double sided photos on both sides. This is a two step process as you need to let the first side cure before you do the second side. Then you can drill a hole for the jump ring for necklaces and earrings. I highly recommendLittle Windows silicone doming mat. Any accidental spills can later be peeled off. I didnt proceed with this method because I am saving it for an idea which popped into my head. Will share in the future.

Fran demonstrateshow to quickly make resin photo bracelets using molds as well as the doming method in this tutorial. You can also link up using her headpin wire wrap method.

Little Windows also offers a special discount code for readers of this blog :Use BG1516 for 15% off!

I had a lot of fun with making photo resin jewelry and plan to do more! So many ideas. I also enjoyed photographing the final project pictures. There aremore pictures on my Etsyas four of them are now available for sale.

I used natural light, my iPhone 6S with the ProCamera app and the Modahaus TS400 tabletop studio and the Steady Stand (overhead) for final product photography. The tutorial pictures were taken with the same equipment but with artificial lights in my windowless basement studio. Check out myHow to Photograph Jewelry Webinar.

I do receive a small fee for any products purchased through affiliate links. This goes towards the support of this blog and to provide resource information to readers. The opinions expressed are solely my own. They would be the same whether or not I receive any compensation.

Jewelry Making TipsWire JewelryTipsJewelry Business Tips

I get bubbles when I work with little windows resin in particular. It helps if you slightly warm the resin with a heat gun after mixing. It gets rid of most of the bubbles. however it decreases work time

Agreed. I usually need a longer working time so I dont heat the resin after mixing. But do try heating Part A as that is a great tip for bubble removal. Most of the tiny bubble formation in this tutorial I think is due to interaction with the photo paper pigments.

These are gorgeous Pearl! Just love how they turned out!

You know Im jealous of being able to do resin work. Maybe with global warming Ill eventually live in a climate where I can work with it.

Just collecting ideas – so far, my resin trials

have not been successful. Besides, you cant get a variety of brands in my country. But maybe one day…

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Youre AWESOME! Thanks for the comment and feedback. You do make a difference on my blog!

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How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Around the Eyes

Eric Mohrman has been a freelance writer since 2007, focusing on travel, food and lifestyle stories. His creative writing is also widely published. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

Use sharp, sterilized metal scissors to remove a skin tag.

Skin tags, unsightly bits of skin that form in skin folds and creases, typically range from 1 to 5 mm in length. They generally form under the arms and around the neck and groin. Exactly what prompts skin tag growth is unknown, but chafing or irritation, hormonal variations and insulin resistance seem to be factors, notes the New Zealand Dermatological Society. Skin tags usually grow in greater numbers on obese people or those with type 2 diabetes. For safety reasons, a skin tag on an eyelid or extremely close to the eye should be removed by a medical professional. However, skin tag removal at home can be safely performed on tags in other areas close to the eye.

Purchase a pair of sturdy, entirely metal scissors. Opt for a pair sealed in a package.

Clean your hands and the scissors with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Wash the soap off the scissors completely and submerge them fully in a pan of water. Cover the pan and bring the water to a rolling boil.

Wait 15 minutes, which is the necessary time for sterilization of the scissors, says the Ohio State University Medical Center. Remove the pan from the heat source once the time has passed. Leave the scissors in the water.

Cleanse the skin tag and skin in the immediate vicinity of the growth with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Be careful to avoid getting soap in your eye. Dry the skin with a clean towel.

Close your eye tightly, and cautiously dab a bit of rubbing alcohol onto the skin tag and surrounding skin, using a small piece of gauze.

Remove the scissors from the pan by the handles, without touching the sterilized blades, once you are certain theyve cooled enough to touch.

Pinch the end of the skin tag firmly with your non-dominant hand and stretch it out as much as possible. Part the scissor blades and aim them away from your eye, and slide them over the base of the skin tag. Snip as close to the skin as possible, using the area of the blades closer to the handles, rather than the tip of the scissors.

Hold a piece of gauze to the area with firm pressure to stop any bleeding. Close your eye tightly, rub a small amount of topical antibiotic to the area and cover it with a small adhesive bandage to minimize the risk of infection, suggests The Merck Manuals Online Medical Library. Check the area for signs of infection, such as redness, swelling or discharge, over the next few days. See your doctor if you suspect infection.

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6 Steps to Hire a Plumber

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Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril delenit augue duis dolore te feugait nulla facilisi. Nam liber tempor cum soluta nobis eleifend option congue nihil imperdiet doming id quod mazim placerat facer possim assum. Typi non habent claritatem insitam; est usus legentis in iis qui facit eorum claritatem. Investigationes demonstraverunt lectores legere me lius quod ii legunt saepius. Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat…

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat…

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat…

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat…

Finding The Right Plumbing Contractor

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Question Tags

Question tags are short questions at the end of statements.

They are mainly used in speech when we want to:

Question tags are formed with the auxiliary or modal verb from the statement and the appropriate subject.

Apositivestatement is followed by anegativequestion tag.

Anegativestatement is followed by apositivequestion tag.

If the verb is in thepast simplewe usedid.

When the statement contains a word with anegativemeaning, the question tag needs to bepositive

Some verbs / expressions have different question tags. For example:

Positive imperative- Stop daydreaming,will / wontyou?

Negative imperative- Dont stop singing,willyou?

Have got (possession)- He has got a car,hasnthe?

There is / are- There arentany spiders in the bedroom,are there?

This / that is- This is Pauls pen,isnt it?

When we are sure of the answer and we are simply encouraging a response, the intonation in the question tag goes down:

When we are not sure and want to check information, the intonation in the question tag goes up:

If you would like to play an interactive game to practice Question Tags, visit here:Question Tags

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Studio Saturday Shrink Plastic Jewelry for Grown-Ups

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Studio Saturday: Shrink Plastic Jewelry for Grown-Ups

I say shrink plastic, you saybeen there, done that? Ill bet you havent seen shrink plastic turned into this: fun, whimsical, and sophisticated beads that will completely change your mind about what shrink plastic can be. This isnt kid stuffits shrink plastic for grown-ups.

When I was at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show last January I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Julie Haymaker Thompsons fantastic jewelry. I didnt even know it was shrink plastic until she told meand then I immediately asked her to write an article forCloth Paper Scissorsmagazine. I love when artists see something with a fresh eye and turn it on its head. But there was something else.

Julie created an ingenious tool called a Shrinkets bead mold that forms shrink plastic into shaped beads. Those can be combined with other beads to form focals, dangles, and more. I was sold.

Julies article, Shrink Plastic Whimsy, appears in theSeptember/October 2017 issue ofCloth Paper Scissors. You have to see the Wonderlands Garden necklace she createdits magnificent. Theres even adownloadable template for the flower and leaf beads available in our Online Extras. I thought Id finally give these beads a try, and I was not disappointed.

Using Julies templates I traced a few flower shapes onto shrink plastic, cut them out, and punched a center hole. Im guessing most of you have worked with shrink plasticwatching the sheets shrink up is half the fun.

The beads were colored with colored pencil on the sanded side of the shrink film, and Julie has a great tip for this: Run a black colored pencil around the edge of the shape. This helps give the bead definition, and makes groupings of beads more cohesive. I discovered that baby wipes remove colored pencil,  just in case your pencil goes awry.

Julie recommends using colored pencils for coloring the beads, but how to decorate them is completely up to you. Experiment, try different color combinationswhatever you like. I used Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, and discovered that dots and lines work well to create fun patterns. Remember that the color concentrates when the beads shrink, and anything super detailed probably wont show up.

To shrink a bead, slide it onto the glide pin in the Shrinkets mold. Place the doming pin right at the top of the glide pin in case the plastic piece gets loose while youre heating it.

With a heat tool, heat the shrink plastic. Youll likely recall that shrink plastic goes through a whole thing when its heated, flailing about as it shrinks, then mellowing out at the end. Its at that mellowing part, when it relaxes and is still warm, when you slide the doming pin onto the glide pin all the way down, forming the bead. If the bead is a little askew, you can re-heat the shrink plastic with the heat tool and re-form it.

The matte or the shiny side can face upI mixed mine for a variety of finishes and looks.

When you have the amount of shrink beads you need, begin to make your dangles. Feel free to go a little crazy, combining all sorts of beads, sequins, seed beads, bead caps, and whatever else you think will work, to make the lovely bead dangles. Simply slide the beads onto a head pin and create a wrapped loop at the top. Check the article for complete instructions on how to make the Wonderlands Garden necklace; I decided to create a pendant, attaching three bead dangles to a large decorative metal ring. I also created two smaller dangles made of just small beads, plus a leaf. Templates for leaves are included in the download.

I used jump rings to attach the dangles to the rings, and added a silk ribbon and a closure. Ive gotten so many compliments on this piece, and no one yet has guessed that the beads are made with shrink plastic.

Ive got ideas for tons of bead variations and uses for the dangles: monochromatic color schemes, bold patterns, using the dangles as page markers for handmade books. By changing the color palette of the Shrinkets beads and the components, youll completely change the look of your jewelry. Think black, white, and turquoise with bright silver, or cream and sepia with aged brass. Or, combine the Shrinkets beads with vintage findings and some beaded chain.

I hope you have a chance to discoveror rediscoverthis fun material, working with it in a completely new way. Im headed back to the studio to make more beads!

Do you know that every mixed-media technique can be incorporated into jewelry? Discover these fantastic books, videos, and more that will show you how to make unique jewelry youll be proud to wear.

The complete instructions to make Julie Haymaker Thompsons necklace are in theSeptember/October 2017 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.

Discover easy methods for etching metal, then turn it into stunning jewelry in the videoMixed-Media Etched Jewelrywith Ruth Rae.

InThe Mixed-Media Workshop Season 100: Best of Mixed-Media Jewelry, find out how to work with shrink plastic and paint pens and inks to make beautiful jewelry.

In the eBookTales of Adornmentby Kristen Robinson, learn techniques for creating romantic jewelry using resin.

BlogMixed-Media JewelryMixed-Media Techniques

Studio Saturday: Shrink Plastic Jewelry for Grown-Ups

This would be nice if the template mentioned is actually somewhere you could download it.

Apologies for that, not sure what happened to the link! Here it is, and its back in the post as well. Please make sure youre logged in!:

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Steve RogersTony Stark

tip: buffy gen teen AND no archive warnings apply

1 – 20 of 24546 Works inSteve Rogers/Tony Stark

Happy Birthday, Dear PeterbyAzkaabanter

The Avengers (Marvel Movies),Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017),Iron Man (Movies)

Its Peters seventeenth birthday, only hes not there to celebrate.Tony is.

Steve has a secret. And then he makes a poorly-timed joke to a reporter, and suddenly he has two secrets.One: Hes in love with his best friend.Two: Despite what the press thinks, theyre not actually dating.

So during his winter soldier days Bucky has a moment of clarity on mission and goes on the run. He meets a girl named Maria and they fall in love.

The Avengers (Marvel Movies),Marvel Cinematic Universe,The Avengers (Marvel) – All Media Types,Iron Man (Movies),Captain America – All Media Types,Captain America (Movies),Wonder Woman (2017)

Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

James Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark

James Bucky Barnes/Diana (Wonder Woman)

Everything from Bucky trolling to supercute fluff to nasty smut

Once more, Another chancebyRawWriting

The Avengers (Marvel Movies),Marvel Cinematic Universe,Avengers Academy (Video Game),The Avengers (Marvel) – All Media Types

Steve and Tony had a messy breakup. Steve tries to reconcile after the battle that reunites them, only to have to learn to love Tony in whole new ways. Ways that feel so much less, until they feel right again.Round 3 fill for TinyBang, 3 fills combined to make a larger story.Confession – Silver – Extremis

James Bucky Barnes/Peter Parker

yes i totally butchered call me by your name

but youre still going to read it because theres barely any peter/bucky fics

this is just a really poorly adapted version of call me by your name by andr aciman.

recklessly, the two verge toward the one thing they both fear they may never truly find again: total intimacy.

Skimming the Multiverse with YoubyRawWriting

Marvel Cinematic Universe,The Avengers (Marvel Movies),The Avengers (Marvel) – All Media Types,Captain America (Movies),Iron Man (Movies)

An explosion rips Steve and Tonys souls into a thousand pieces before blasting them across the Multi-verse.A series of 5 tinybang fills that make a larger story.Round 5 SHIELD-NOMAD-COMMANDER

Steve and Tony have feelings for each other but dont know so Steve decides to talk to Tony and gets a surprised response

This is the story of how a lovely princess meets both her white knight and her dragon…and sleeps with them both.Alternatively, the story of how the daughter of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers decided to set out on a journey to find her own path, only to find herself caught in the Batfamilys web of secrets.

Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant

Bucky Barnes After Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Bruce Banner Returns After Avengers: Age of Ultron

Post-Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie)

Jasmine has lived in an orphanage for her entire life, and when she first saw the Avengers save New York from the aliens she immediately feel in love. Despite being only 9 years old she doesnt really fit in with the other kids not only that, but shes keeping a secret about herself. Everything changes for Jasmine when she gets to meet her heroes.

(This has nothing to do with IW, just wanted to make a fun Avengers fic and get away from the horror)

Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

background Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov

Iron Man – Fandom,Captain America,Marvel Cinematic Universe,Marvel

Once a upon a time, the Avengers took over Facebook.

dont trust the avengers with phonesbylifeisawaffle

Marvel Cinematic Universe,The Avengers (Marvel Movies),Unbelievable Gwenpool,Spider-Man – All Media Types,Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies)

James Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers

James Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson

im sorry i love bruce but i have actual plot in mind and he needs to be a dick for it to happen

Its 3 AM and Wanda cant sleep. So, she makes a group chat with random people on Instagram to make up the time.

nothing left to leave behindbywander

The Avengers (Marvel Movies),The Avengers (Marvel) – All Media Types,Iron Man (Movies),Marvel Cinematic Universe,X-Men (Movieverse)

Toni Stark closes her eyes in an abandoned HYDRA bunker and wakes up with a car battery hooked up to her chest.

Or: Toni Starks entire life is a cosmic joke. No, really.

The Avengers (Marvel Movies),The Avengers (Marvel) – All Media Types,Captain America (Movies),Captain America – All Media Types,Hawkeye (Comics),Marvel Cinematic Universe

It was just like Steve to bring home strays. Bucky was already swimming in cat hair from a white kitten named Fate who just happened to lose her mother right in front of their door. He didnt mind Fate, she was cute and liked to be left alone except when she laid on his lap in the evening. But, well Bucky had to put his foot down when it came to humans.

Or: Steve brings home a stray Clint Barton to patch up.

A visitor from the future caused trouble in the present, which led Dean and Tony into an unplanned trip to the past where they faced an old enemy of Castiels with the help of a very familiar face.

You love me, yeah, I know, it sounded so self-depreciating that Steve actually flinched.

If we agree, this doesnt countbyWilmaKins

Marvel Cinematic Universe,Marvel,The Avengers (Marvel Movies),Iron Man (Movies),Captain America (Movies)

A year after Siberia, Steve has to call Tony for help. So they make a deal.

You want to pretend this never happened?No, I cant pretend none of this happened thats why this cant count. This is not how this ends, this is not how things are now. If we if this was ever If we were going to talk again, wed have to talk. And Im not going to rush that, just because the world is about to end. We cant just say its fine so that we can get on with this, and then thats it. But it has to be fine for now. So, its just fine for now.

Contains a description of an anxiety attack

WARNING: this is literally the first thing Ive ever written and posted anywhere, so Im not experienced with things like archive warnings and tags. Ive done my best, but if theres anything you want to ask in advance please feel free – and any advice on how best to label things is appreciated!

If we agree, this doesnt countbyWilmaKins

Marvel Cinematic Universe,Marvel,The Avengers (Marvel Movies),Iron Man (Movies),Captain America (Movies)

A year after Siberia, Steve has to call Tony for help. So they make a deal.

You want to pretend this never happened?No, I cant pretend none of this happened thats why this cant count. This is not how this ends, this is not how things are now. If we if this was ever If we were going to talk again, wed have to talk. And Im not going to rush that, just because the world is about to end. We cant just say its fine so that we can get on with this, and then thats it. But it has to be fine for now. So, its just fine for now.

Contains a description of an anxiety attack

WARNING: this is literally the first thing Ive ever written and posted anywhere, so Im not experienced with things like archive warnings and tags. Ive done my best, but if theres anything you want to ask in advance please feel free – and any advice on how best to label things is appreciated!

Tony was cold, and had been for as long as he could remember. When he suddenly warmed, nobody could have predicted the events that followed.

Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (8656)

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Graphic Depictions Of Violence (1385)

The Avengers (Marvel Movies) (14837)

The Avengers (Marvel) – All Media Types (6436)

The Avengers – Ambiguous Fandom (1728)

Captain America – All Media Types (1252)

James Bucky Barnes (4753)

James Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers (1364)

James Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark (905)

James Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (739)

James Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov (504)

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Why Packaging Labels Should Be Clear

It is an age when consumers are the most demanding. When purchasing a product, any customer has a specific set of requirements, which the buyer needs to meet. The requirements of the consumer are based on the kind of product which is being purchased and of course the purpose of use. Thus, it is important that retailers and manufacturers offer complete transparency, especially in case of food products.

Artificial Intelligence Is a Must, Not a Need

WHAT DOES ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MEAN? Artificial Intelligence refers to the vicinity of science and engineering focusing on developing the machines as intelligent as the humans. They are created to be fitted into place on behaviors that human regard as intelligent i.e. simulation of human behaviors which they consider as intelligent via the use of machines.

A Way Out Available for Real and Automated Decisions: Artificial Intelligence

WHAT DOES ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MEAN? Artificial intelligence refers to the vicinity of computer science whereby the artificial human beings, i.e. the computers (machines) with the help of the designed computer program or the software programs imitate the way the human beings design, sketch and solve the complex problems. These systems have the capability of learning their own.

The Future of the New Wave in the IT Industry: Data Science a Fad or an Everlasting Field?

THE JOB OF A DATA SCIENTIST INVOLVES A LOT OF SCOPE – Being a data analyst in the 21st century remains to be the most trending and the most desired job. Since the supply of data professionals is less than the supply, hence, it signifies the scope and the future in the field of data scientist. The tremendous demand by the business firms is evident in the fact that choosing data science as a career option involves growth and development leading to reach greater heights.

What is Mylar? Or what does Mylar mean? The basic info for Mylar is that is a thin polyester film manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, strong synthetic fibers of polyethylene terephthalate are stretched and used to produce Mylar.

An Old-School Thank You Is Still a Brilliant Move

Want to know one of the best ways to get someones attention? Send them a thank you–in the mail. My team and I are always saying thank you in our business.

You Can No Longer Ignore Data Analytics

What do you mean by Data Analytics? Data Analytics refers to the process of collecting, organizing, interpreting and extracting the useful insights from the raw facts and figures in the huge amounts of data generated by a business on a daily basis. The main responsibility of the data analyst is to translate the burgeoning data into useful perceptions and then into valuable information, assisting the organizations to make smart decisions based on data instead of relying on instincts.

Data Science: The Most Popular Course of the 21st Century

DATA SCIENTISTS AND THE DATA-DRIVEN WORLD – The world is flooded with a tremendous amount of data which is spawned on a daily basis in businesses. The rise of the internet and the introduction of social media platforms have led to an additional spike in the amount of data generated. It is necessary to extract useful insights from the data to add business value but these datasets alone cannot generate value.

If you have a question in mind regarding the future of data science then you are definitely concerned with whether the techniques and tools such as Python, Hadoop or SAS will become outdated or whether investing in a data science course will be beneficial for your career in the long-run. But there is no need for worry. Businesses have only recently begun to realize the worth of their data and have just begun to make significant investment in these areas.

Get Data Science Training and Stand Out in the Crowd

What Is Data Science And Who Are Data Scientists? Data Science It refers to the use scientific tools, techniques and methodologies in order to gain useful insights from the volume of raw facts and figures streaming into an organizations warehouse on a daily basis. Data Science is all about generating business value out of this raw information by mining it.

What You Need to Know About Business Analytics Training

WHAT IS BUSINESS ANALYTICS? Business analytics refers to a practice of repetitive, systematic evaluation of an organizations data, with emphasis on statistical techniques and tools associated with analytics such as SAS, R, Python, Hadoop etc. Business analytics has become the lifeblood of every organization.

Analytics Training: A Stunning Opportunity for Growth in Career Prospects

THE IMPORTANCE OF ANALYSIS Big Data Analytics is not just a passing trend, its here to stay. Its upward graph is partly because it plays an essential role in decision making for businesses. Data analysis helps organizations to design more appropriate, strategic decisions for the future.

Data Analytics Training Courses: Everything You Need to Know

Industry watchers report that data analysis is trending as one of the most popular and profitable professions taken up by people who work in the field of collection, management and updating of data, and analysis of data that can be used to enhance the businesss top-line and bottom-line. This is a profession where you have to take a lot of chances because the solution or prediction that you suggest may not be the best solution economically or in other aspects, with respect to the company. This is a risky prospect that might or might not work out in your favor,…

Want to Minimize Employee Grievances?

There will always be certain differences between employers and employees. The objective I believe for any working person is that feeling of happiness and fulfilled at their jobs. This article pertains to exactly that, but first lets see what the main issues on each side could be. Then Ill provide my take on minimizing employee grievances. Many employees Ive spoken with say they go to work feeling extremely unhappy, unappreciated, and with that uncomfortable sensation of being taken advantage of. Some have indicated being given a daily number of tasks impossible to complete. Then never being acknowledged for the ones they accomplished well in that day or week. Particularly in retail obtaining a constant 40-hour work week is a challenge, and earning minimum wage or just above they mention is hurting them financially. There are some who told me that their jobs are dead end, the company seem to promote from outside so giving a 100% makes no difference.

8 Ways to Show Your Boss Youre Ready for That Leadership Role

According to a report published on Deloitte Insights, 86% of companies interviewed in a survey say that developing new leaders is an urgent or important need. This means that the majority of organizations would prefer to groom a number of their employees who have the potential to handle higher positions than to hire externally. Taking up leadership training courses is a great way to boost your confidence and gain the additional skills and knowledge you need to be an effective leader.

There are four stages of growth a business organization might experience. These stages include initiation, growth, expansion, and maturity.

Decisions to Be Made for Analytics Training

Ways in which you can identify the kind of analytics training you need – Many people inquire about ways in which they can further the knowledge that they have in analytics. This is an industry that is still in its infancy and there are many developments that are bound to occur in the future. It is therefore important to choose the right kind of analytics training that will get you ahead and keep you current.

How To Select An Efficient Warehousing Service For Your Company

As a customer, you have the full right to know whether the warehouse service you have chosen for your business requirements is ideal for you or not? This article throws light on the factors that determine whether a particular service provider possesses the worthy warehousing standards or not.

Want To Cut Down Shipping Costs? Here Are The Ways

The biggest burden that most manufacturing businesses feel post the production process is the higher shipping cost. This article attempts to address that concern of businesses by enumerating some of the key ways to tame the costs of shipping and increase their profit margins.

4 Ways You Can Optimize Your Logistics and Distribution

In this world of competition, businesses are running with the prime goal of reducing their costs just to save up enough as profits. While logistics and delivery services are a key part of every business that outruns their expected expenses every time, this article here will help them with some measures to optimize their logistics and distribution functions and save up costs.