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English Question Tags

Question tags are used in English to encourage someone to carry on talking. We use these question tags when we want to ask a question, or if we want someone to agree with us.

To make a question tag in English, use the auxiliary verb (if there is one) in the sentence.

She doesnt like… (doesntis the auxiliary)

He cant cook… (cantis the auxiliary)

Hes interesting… (isis the auxiliary)

Weve been here… (haveis the auxiliary)

If the auxiliary isnegative, the tag ispositive.

If the auxiliary ispositive, the tag isnegative.

If there isnt an auxiliary in the verb, use the right form of do instead.

If your voice goes up on the tag, you make a question. If your voice drops on the tag, then you arent making a question, but you are asking someone to agree with you.

this Question tags very usuful lesson thanks