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Church Name Tags

Church Name Tags and Badges. Any Denomination or custom Inc.Direct Church badge manufacturers and shippers since 1993.

A few examplesEpiscopalFirst BaptistLight of TodayUnited MethodistUnited Methodist Women

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How to Use Meta Tags In Search Engine Promotion

How to Use Meta Tags In Search Engine Promotion

If you view the HTML sources for the web pages on the m, you would have noticed that they all contain META tags. META tags influence the way some search engines list and index web pages.

There are at least three META tags that you will want to use to make sure your page is search engine ready.

For search engines that support them, META tags are used in at least three ways:

They are used to describe your site in the search results. For example, if you do not have a META Description tag for your page, some search engines will simply grab the first few lines of your page to serve as the description of your site. This description is more important than you may think. If you were searching for nosuchwordasthis, which of the following two items listed would you be more likely to click?

Nosuchwordasthis.com: Ridiculous and Impossible Words

Home About Example.com Contact Us Links Download FAQ

Nosuchwordasthis.com: Ridiculous and Impossible Words

Some of the incredible words that netizens have come up with this year, along with their supposed meanings.

The first item above had a snippet from what appears to be its top menu in the lines below the website title. The second item has a description which tells the person searching exactly what the site is all about.

If you do not put adescription tag, what appears in the listing would be likely to be whatever first appears on your page, usually the alt text of some graphic or banner or perhaps your top menu.

There are search engines which also look for aMETA Robots tagto determine how they index your site. For example, if Google does not encounter such a tag, it will assume that it can index and follow the links on the page. If you dont want this behaviour (or behavior if you use theUS spelling) from Google, you can use a META tag to specify it.

In the old days, they were used to determine which keywords your page will be listed under. So if you want your page to be listed in a search engine when the user searches for the term nosuchwordasthis, the latter should be present in your META Keywords tag as well as in your document. However, the keyword tag is now obsolete.

There are other META tags, which search engines and web browsers recognize. However, the tags listed here are the main tags relevant to most search engines.

A META Description tag, for those of you who write your web pages using raw HTML code, looks like the following:

Give a brief description of your page in this tag. Bear in mind that this description (or part of it) will be displayed in the search engine results so try to make sure you phrase it in such a way that the person searching can tell at a glance that hes found the correct page for his search. Minimize irrelevancies and put the essentials near the beginning of the description so that if the search engine only accepts the initial (say) 150 characters, the essential parts of your description will still be displayed.

Not all search engines use this tag. For example, Google normally only displays the text surrounding the matching keyword that the searcher used.

This tag is useful if you want to prevent search engines from indexing certain pages on your website or from crawling the links on those pages or from keeping those pages in their cache. Technically, you can also use it to specify that your page can be indexed, but since that is what the search engines do by default anyway, it is less useful for that purpose.

In general, you will add the following line to your web page if you want the search engine to index your page and follow the links on it.

In cases where you do not want it to index your page simply use noindex instead of index. Likewise if you dont want the engine to crawl through the links on your page, use nofollow instead of follow. For example, the following line in one of your pages will forbid search engines from indexing the page or crawling the links found there.

Most, if not all, search engines today recognize this tag.

If you do not want the search engine to keep a cache of your page on their servers, you can affix a noarchive value to the content attribute, such as in the example below:

Google, for example, will see the noarchive value and not keep a copy of your page in its cache.

Incidentally, if you are planning to prevent the search engines from indexing certain pages on your site, you should also use arobots.txtfile. Please readHow to Set Up a robots.txt to Control Search Engine Spidersfor more information.

The Meta Keywords tagused to bean important way to get your page listed under specific keywords under the search engines. Nowadays, however, major search engines dont really bother with this tag. In fact, at one time,one search engineeven used it as a way to detect search engine spammers. As discussed in greater detail in my article onwhy I dont use the keywords tag any more, the most popular search engine today, Google, ignores the tag completely. Modern search engines simply use the words occurring in your content as the keywords for the page. (Makes sense, right? Otherwise, youll have to put your entire page in the keywords tag.)

If you still insist on using the keywords tag, just place it head portion of your web page along with your other meta tags. The tag looks something like this:

In place of the phrase put your keywords here, you should of course give a list of your keywords. The keywords should be comma-delimited. That is, if you want to your page to be listed when the user searches for medical help and free diagnosis, you should use the following tag:

In my opinion, its a waste of time to insert it. If you are really concerned about improving your websites performance in the search engine results, there are many better things you should be doing that will actually be useful, instead of adding obsolete tags. See my articles onGoogle Search Engine PositioningandMore Tips on Google Search Engine Results Placementfor information.

For those using a visual web editor to manage your site, you may want to check out the following tutorials on how you can actually insert the Meta tags using the editor:

Although the benefits conferred by using the various meta tags on your page are not substantial, they are nonetheless useful in controlling how the search engines index and list your page. Since tags like the description and robots tag require very little effort to add to your page, it is probably a good idea to add at least these tags to your pages.

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Browsing programs with tags

Yegappan Lakshmanan

When editing programs, there is often a need to jump to another location, for example, to see how a function is defined. To help, Vim uses a tags file that lists each word you are likely to want, and their locations (file path and line number). Each wanted word is known as a tag, for example, each function name or global variable may be a tag.

The tags file has to be created by a utility, and has to be updated after significant editing has occurred. This tip provides an overview of creating and using tags files (for the details, seehelptagsrch.txt).

You can use the tag ex command. For example, the command :tag tagname will jump to the tag named tagname.

You can position the cursor over a tag name and then press Ctrl-].

You can visually select a text and then press Ctrl-] to jump to the tag matching the selected text.

You can click on the tag name using the left mouse button, while pressing the Ctrl key.

You can press the g key and then click on the tag name using the left mouse button.

You can use the stag ex command, to open the tag in a new window. For example, the command :stag func1 will open the func1 definition in a new window.

You can position the cursor over a tag name and then press Ctrl-W ]. This will open the tag location in a new window.

Help::tag, Ctrl-], v_CTRL_], C-LeftMouse, gLeftMouse,:stag, Ctrl-W_]

How do I jump to a particular tag match, if there are multiple matching tags?

You can use the tselect ex command to list all the tag matches. For example, the command :tselect func1 will list all the locations where func1 is defined. You can then enter the number of a tag match to jump to that location.

You can position the cursor over the tag name and press g] to get a list of matching tags.

You can visually select a text and press g] to get a list of matching tags.

You can use the stselect ex command. This will open the selected tag from the tag list in a new window.

You can position the cursor over the tag name and press Ctrl-W g] to do a:stselect.

Help: tag-matchlist,:tselect, g], v_g],:stselect, Ctrl-W_g]

Help::pop, Ctrl-T, C-RightMouse, gRightMouse

How do I jump again to a previously jumped tag location?

How do I list the contents of the tag stack?

I want to jump to a tag, if there is only one matching tag, otherwise a list of matching tags should be displayed. How do I do this?

There are several ways to make Vim to jump to a tag directly, if there is only one tag match, otherwise present a list of tag matches.

You can use the tjump ex command. For example, the command :tjump func1 will jump to the definition func1, if it is defined only once. If func1 is defined multiple times, a list of matching tags will be presented.

You can position the cursor over the tag and press g Ctrl-].

You can visually select a text and press g Ctrl-] to jump or list the matching tags.

You can use the stjump ex command. This will open the matching or selected tag from the tag list in a new window.

You can press Ctrl-W g Ctrl-] to do a:stjump.

Help::tjump, g_Ctrl-], v_g_CTRL-],:stjump, Ctrl-W_g_Ctrl-]

How do browse through a list of multiple tag matches?

If there are multiple tag matches, you can browse through all of them using several of the Vim ex commands.

To go to the first tag in the list, use the tfirst or trewind ex command.

To go to the last tag in the list, use the tlast ex command.

To go to the next matching tag in the list, use the tnext ex command.

To go to the previous matching tag in the list, use the tprevious or tNext ex command.


You can use the preview window to preview a tag, without leaving the original window. There are several ways to preview a tag:

You can use the ptag ex command to open a tag in the preview window.

You can position the cursor on a tag name and press Ctrl-W to open the tag in the preview window.

You can use the ptselect ex command to do the equivalent of the tselect ex command in the preview window.

You can use the ptjump ex command to do the equivalent of the tjump ex command in the preview window.

You can position the cursor on the tag and press Ctrl-W g to do a:ptjump on the tag.

Help::preview-window,:ptag, Ctrl-W_,:ptselect,:ptjump, Ctrl-W_g

How do I browse through the tag list in a preview window?

If there are multiple tag matches, you can browse through all of them in the preview window using several of the Vim ex commands.

To go to the first tag in the list, use the ptfirst or ptrewind ex command.

To go to the last tag in the list, use the ptlast ex command.

To go to the next matching tag in the list, use the ptnext ex command.

To go to the previous matching tag in the list, use the ptprevious or ptNext ex command.


How do I start Vim to start editing a file at a given tag match?

While starting Vim, you can use the command line option -t to supply a tag name. Vim will directly jump to the supplied tag location.

How do I list all the tags matching a search pattern?

There are several ways to go through a list of all tags matching a pattern.

You can list all the tags matching a particular regular expression pattern by prepending the tag name with the / search character. For example,

:tag /pattern :stag /pattern :ptag /pattern :tselect /pattern :tjump /pattern :ptselect /pattern :ptjump /pattern

If you have the wildmenu option set, then you can press the Tab key to display a list of all the matching tags in the status bar. You can use the arrow keys to move between the tags and then use the Enter key to select a tag.

If you dont have the wildmenu option set, you can still use the Tab key to browse through the list of matching tags.

What options are available to control how Vim handles the tags file?

You can use the following options to control the handling of tags file by Vim:

tagrelative – Controls how the file names in the tags file are treated. When on, the filenames are relative to the directory where the tags file is present.

taglength – Controls the number of significant characters used for recognizing a tag.

tagbsearch – Controls the method used to search the tags file for a tag. If this option is on, binary search is used to search the tags file. Otherwise, linear search is used.

tagstack – Controls how the tag stack is used.

Help: tagrelative, taglength, tagbsearch, tagstack

Is it possible to highlight all the tags in the current file?

Yes. Read the Vim online help on tag-highlight.

Is there a workaround to make the Ctrl-] key not to be treated as the telnet escape character?

The default escape characters for telnet in Unix systems is Ctrl-]. While using Vim in a telnet session, if you use Ctrl-] to jump to a tag, you will get the telnet prompt. There are two ways to avoid this problem:

Map the telnet escape character to some other character using the -e escape character telnet command line option

Disable the telnet escape character using the -E telnet command line option.

Often Exuberant Ctags (or other ctags program) is used to create the required tags file. However, many other custom scripts or tools are used for the occasions when ctags is not suitable.

Exuberant Ctags may already be present on your system (in a directory of your PATH). Thecurrent versionshould be used (version 5.8, dated 9 July 2009, as at July 2009; version 5.7 also works well).

Exuberant Ctags has built-in support for 34 different programming languages, and can be extended to support others. Some alternatives are listed below, butit is better to use Exuberant Ctagsunless you know that your circumstances require something else.helpctags

C, C++, LaTeX, maple, vim, yacc, assembly:Hdrtag

LaTeX, BibTeX:modified Exuberant Ctags

provided with Vim (directory $VIMRUNTIME/tools)

Erlang:This pagecontains a Vim command to generate Erlang tags.

CoffeeScript:This ruby gemcontains a ruby cli tool to generate tags for CoffeeScript.Src is on github

DoctorJS/jsctagsis a ctags-compatible code indexing solution for JavaScript. Its interface and output are essentially identical to Exuberant Ctags.

Also here are ctags configurations for Javascript:ctags configurations for Javascript

Following is an example of defining a language for Exuberant Ctags. IDL (Interactive Data Language) procedures and functions are supported by putting the following in your.ctagsfile:

–langdef=IDL –langmap=IDL:.pro –regex-IDL=/^pro[ \t]+([a-zA-Z0-9_:]+)/\1/p,procedure/i –regex-IDL=/^function[ \t]+([a-zA-Z0-9_:]+)/\1/f,function/i

Other examples, including for LaTeX, are in thedocumentationfor thetaglistplugin.

You may need the current version of Exuberant Ctags for these commands.

Generate a tags file for all C files in the current directory:

Same, processing the current directory and all subdirectories:

Generate a tags file for all files listed in fileflist:

Vim needs to be told where to look for your tags files, using thetagsoption.

Thetagsoption can specify more than one tags file:

In a large project, it is common to have a tags file in each directory (with each tags file handling the files in its directory). To assist, there is a special case: If a file specified intagsstarts with ./, the . is replaced with the path of the current file.

With this setting, the tags file is in the directory of the current file (no matter what the current directory is). You can define which tag file is searched first: In the current directory (tags,./tags), or in the directory of the current file (./tags,tags). You might also considersetting your working directory to the current file.

With the following setting, Vim will search for the file named tags, starting with the directory of the current file and then going to the parent directory and then recursively to the directory one level above, till it either locates the tags file or reaches the root directory.

taglistsource code browser plugin; uses ctags to display a list of tags for the current file in a menu

Tagbarsimilar to taglist but displays tags sorted by their scope like classes etc.

yatemakes search in tags more convenient. It holds query and search result in one buffer for faster jump to desired tag.

easytags.vimscript3114) automatically creates a global tags file and keeps it up-to-date as you edit files in Vim. The tags are also used to perform dynamic syntax highlighting of user-defined functions and types.

vim-gutentagspure-vim plugin that manages your tag file out of the box

79 Use grep to get a clickable list of function names

558 Using TagList for ANT build files

568 Use temporary tags file when browsing new source

711 Tags generation for current file

804 Single tags file for a source tree

840 Show tags in a separate preview window

858 Setting tags when working with multiple source branches

including tags from external libraries or Ruby gems

There is anexcellent tutorialon using cscope with Vim, from installing to becoming an expert.

For C++, use ctags with –extra=+q to qualify member function/variable with its class type.

Vim is nice to use with cscope and ctags. For this purpose, put this in your vimrc (follow strings):

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When you apply for a personalized tag online, by mail, or in person, you will have to pay the applicable fee for the tag. DC Government accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards. DC Government does not accept Discover or American Express credit cards.

Information on DC DMV fees is available at the link below:

DC DMV will contact you via US mail or email, if you provided your email address, to let you know if your request has been approved or rejected.

If you apply for personalized tags online, you can track your request online at the link below:

If your request is rejected, you will be refunded the applicable fees.

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How can I make my own NFC tags? NFC

That is, how do I make them in the literal sense. I dont need to know where to order them. Im wondering how I can construct my own. Thoughts?

If you can find just the materials,tag itself,microchips with little aerials then assemble them and you would probably have to buy the materials in bulk if you do find them.

Give it some time to grow,eventually we will be able to make our own.

Depends a lot on what you want to do with what you make, and how complex you want to be with it. You can start from scratch and build the RF stage up from scratch or you can buy the chips themselves, buy or build antennas and go from there.

If you are trying to make something as small as a sticker tag, you probably will just have to use a sticker tag.

If you describe a little more about what you actually want to do I might be able to give some pointers.

Im interested… but I want everything to be sourced from the US- any pointers?

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English Question Tags

Question tags are used in English to encourage someone to carry on talking. We use these question tags when we want to ask a question, or if we want someone to agree with us.

To make a question tag in English, use the auxiliary verb (if there is one) in the sentence.

She doesnt like… (doesntis the auxiliary)

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If the auxiliary isnegative, the tag ispositive.

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If there isnt an auxiliary in the verb, use the right form of do instead.

If your voice goes up on the tag, you make a question. If your voice drops on the tag, then you arent making a question, but you are asking someone to agree with you.

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Along with this horseshoe clip art, weve got butterfly, four-leaf clover, and dragonfly motifs for you to use to at your wedding on tags, labels, menus, and more.

Send guests home with a personalized night cap: A mini bottle of bourbon wrapped in a custom label, along with a few other cocktail essentials.

Personalized tags that look like tea bags are perfect for an afternoon reception or shower.

Play up a famous Route 66 cream soda label with this quirky and easy-to-add label.

Seal glassine packages filled with the treat of your choice with a thin ribbon and this printable tag.

Dress up clear favor bags putting a single chocolate pretzel on display with this lovely tag.

A circle punch makes it easy to create dozens of these fruity tags perfect for edible favors.

If youre a native of The Golden State or planned a destination wedding on the West Coast, a regional gift, like these tree growing kits, let guests take a piece of your wedding locale home.

If youre getting married in Sin City, carry out a casino theme buy handing out playing cards to guests tagged with the date and wedding location.

This festive favor tag tells guests its time to indulge while discreetly dressing up a not-so-attractive avocado-oil cap.

Match a citrus-and-pink wedding palette with these hexagon tags that can tie to an array of favors depending on the length of ribbon you choose.

Choose a matchbox set with the design of your choice then wrap each individually with this custom tag to turn them into something special.

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20 Easy and Usable DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

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